Suitability for French fries, chipping, starch

  • the British Potato Varieties Database, select Bakers, French fry, Crisping, Salad, Table or Processing (starch/flake)
  • varieties in the Netherlands NIVAP , select Suitable for or Cooking type
  • French catalogue , criteria, select: Groupe culinaire
  • Neiker: 220 observations in downloadable data set (varieties) on after cooking Blackening, crisp suitability & french fry suitability.
  • 63 clones at NordGen (Chips (crisps) suitability only)
  • GLKS (IPK): data on chipping colour of 788 acc. not yet on-line, but downloadable in a combined data set of the European potato genebanks.
  • CGN: reducing sugar content data on 245 acc. as download or for online search . Reducing sugars cause non-enzymatic browning.
  • GRIN: phenolic content data on 59 acc.
  • CIP advanced clones with chipping colour data.