PGR material

Available potato germplasm on cultivars & wild spp. and links to central databases.


Wild and primitive potato species

  • The EU database of registered plant varieties, including maintainers per country.
  • EURISCO , the catalogue to European genetic resources, incl. potato. Passport data only. Update status depending on data donor.

How to download from Eurisco

Eurisco does not contain all European potato accessions yet, but can supplement other potato databases.

On 15th April 2014 EURISCO moved from Bioversity International (in Rome) to the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK), Gatersleben, Germany.

Since 12 November 2014 you can download the complete EURISCO dataset as an MS_Access file. On the homepage choose "Export EURISCO data" and "EURISCO dump".

  • ECPGR cultivated potato database , incl. (modern) cultivars and several breeding lines. Not all collections are included yet. Including phenotypic data from several sources.
  • ECPGR wild potato database , incl. wild spp. and Andean potato landraces available at CGN, CPC, IPK-GLKS and VIR. Passport data and evaluation data.
  • The Inter-genebank Potato Database (incl. data on wild species maintained at CGN, PI, CIP, CPC, IPK-GLKS, BALC, VIR). Passport data and evaluation data. No updates since 1998.
  • GENESYS, merging the data from GRIN, CGIAR (incl. CIP) and Eurisco. About 56000 records are currently grouped under potato, however 25% of the records are non-tuber bearing Solanum species e.g. wild relatives of tomato and eggplant.
  • WIEWS-FAO database for ex-situ plant genetic resources collections:
  • GenRes Gateway. A joint initiative of the three European networks for genetic resources (ECPGR, EUFORGEN and RPF) to search for materials.