Private cultivar collections

Available material: a few tubers only

Ingrid's potatoes

Approx. 250 cultivars.
Name and address: I. Matthes, von-Galen-Str. 41, D-47608 Geldern, Germany
Home page: (currently off-line, in German, click 'Kartoffeln' and 'Sorten')

alternative link from Arche Noah

Mr Langford's potatoes

Approx. 180 cultivars.

Name and address: David Langford, Lissadell House, Sligo - Leitrim, Ireland.
The Lissadell House and David Langford received for their heritage potatoes the EirGrid Euro-Toques Food Award, which acknowledges food producers or individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Irish food.
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Home page: Spuds and Boxty in Sligo and Leitrim at Facebook.

De Tuinen van Weldadigheid

Approx 120 cultivars.

Name and address: L. Sijens, Hospitaallaan 48, Veenhuizen, the Netherlands

Home page:

potato collection: