White potato cyst nematode

Globodera pallida

  • GRIN: resistance data on 169 (Pa1?) + 12 (Pa2/3) acc. (incl. some doubles): relevant webpage
  • GLKS (IPK): data on 1726 acc. (Pa3) and VIR: data on 73 acc. not yet on-line, but downloadable in a combined data set of the European potato genebanks.
  • CPC collection: 233 x Pa1 and 245 x Pa3 accessions (select PA1 or PA3 ).
  • the European Cultivar Potato Database: resistance to Pa1 , Pa2 and Pa3 .
  • the British Potato Varieties Database, select Resistance to ...
  • varieties in the Netherlands NIVAP
  • varieties in Germany JKI , search for "Kartoffelsorten"
  • Neiker: a few observations on Pa2 and Pa3 in downloadable data set (varieties).
  • CIP: See the catalogue of CIP potato varieties .